Apply Structure Ltd 

Apply is an integrated design company serving the Offsite sector.

We provide architectural and structural engineering consultancy services, product and production process design and project management, to clients engaged in capital projects:

Young Black Ltd

Young Black is, since 1979, a leading provider of collated fastenings to industry and construction. They have a great knowledge in fastening systems for the housing industry.

A V Birch Ltd

AV Birch is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Timber Engineering machinery, which enables us to provide local service and maintenance on our products. Their technicians will also participate in the installation of our equipment.

Tecburo Ltd

We can also help our customers with Architectural Technology with our cooperation partner Tecbüro, which is an Architectural Technology and Off-site Construction consultancy, specializing in architectural design with construction system development commonly referred to as Modern Methods of Construction (MMC).