triweco provides TIMBER FRAME manufacturers with multifunction bridges and manufacturing equipment for prefabricated module houses and services in construction, project management, production technology and risk analysis.

what do we do?

We develop and build modularized production lines for the manufacture of prefabricated module houses. Our assortment includes, not only, multifunction bridges and turntables, but also complementary equipment such as saws, routers and insulation cutters in order to be a complete partner to our customers.
We also offer help with pilot studies and technical production improvements. 

 To enable us to provide service and maitenance with short notice, we have established cooperation with UK-companies, which have experience in our type of equipment

our strengths

Together, we have long experience from the timber frame industry, which means we can share our extensive knowledge with our customers. We also have experience from other types of machine construction as well as automation. We know how to build reliable and ergonomic equipment. We have our own R&D-team and project management. The same people who build the equipment also install them at the customer and are responsible for aftermarket service, this to ensure safety and personal service for the customer.  All of our equipment is developed and manufactured in Sweden.

our concept

Our modular machines in combination with special configurations according to customer requirements, minimize the project- and design work and correct  equipment can therefore quickly and safely be delivered. All equipment is user friendly designed.
Our open control systems make it easy for the customer to self-troubleshoot when needed.
We strive to be the first-hand choice and complete partner for timber frame house manufacturers and a long term relationship is our goal.

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